What Type OF Lawn Mower Should I Buy ? 8 Types

Lawn mowers can be broadly divided into many categories. Each of them comes with their own merits and demerits. However, the type of lawn mower you should buy depends on the size of your lawn. Know the various lawn mowers before you make your selection. If you want a self propelled lawn mower- https://pickbestlawnmower.com/ check out our guide at home page. There are different types of lawn mowers including Home Improvement, etc.


riding lawn mower

Rotary push lawn mowers make use of rotating blades to cut through the grass. These horizontally rotating blades rotate at high speeds to chop off the grass with suck and tear action. Rotary lawn mowers are usually powered by petrol engines, and require the user to push the mower across the lawn. Some of these can be fitted with a rear roller, which can flatten a stripe of grass as the mower cuts through the grass. The flattened stripe of grass reflects light at a different angle, and gives the onlookers an illusion of a differently colored lawn. Nice touch. If you are looking for the best lawn mower for a small lawn, this is it.



The advantage of riding mowers is that the user does not have to walk behind it. They can simply sit on the mower, and operate the lawn mower while riding it. A riding mower is best suited for lawns that are bigger than one acre, and do not have many obstacles such as trees, benches, and so on. There are many types of riding mowers too. Some have large cutting decks, while some are designed with higher horsepower for difficult terrain, and so on. A number of manufacturers provide additional features such as spreaders, a larger grass catcher, and so on. This is the best lawn mower for large lawns.



Zero turn lawn mower is designed specifically for large lawns riddled with obstacles such as trees, benches, flower beds, and so on. As the name suggests, these mowers have a zero turning radius, and are remarkably easy to navigate around the toughest of the obstacles. Moreover, they are a type of riding lawn mowers and come with a seat for easy operation in large lawns. They can get quite large, and prove to be slightly expensive. So, unless the lawn is larger than an acre, and full of obstacles, it is best to go for a more inexpensive lawn mower.


Tractor lawn mowers are among the most versatile and largest of the lawn mowers. They are built in the image of small tractors, and can easily be used to mow lawns that are 2 acres or larger. The mower mechanism is fitted in the midsection of these lawn mowers between the front and rear wheels. A tractor lawn mower can be additionally fitted with clipping collectors, carts, aerators, and so on, depending on the need. In fact, they are so versatile that users can fit snowplow blades to remove snow, or spread seeds on a farm, and so on. They are incredibly useful, and can be quite expensive.

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