how to choose the right hiking socks ?

A good pair of hiking socks can make all the difference between an enjoyable hike and an uncomfortable one. Take a look through our range of hiking socks and you’ll see there are a wide variety available. It’s therefore important to take your time when choosing walking socks and consider which will best suit the type of walk and conditions you may encounter.

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How To Use WhatsApp As A Search Engine | Activate WhatsApp Wikipedia Bot

Short Bytes: In this article, I’m going to tell you how to use WhatsApp as a search engine by activating a WhatsApp bot. WhatsApp is one the most popular instant messaging apps and this feature could be used to get important information in the form of Wikipedia excerpts, news, dictionary etc. It should be noted the team that developed this bot is not associated with official WhatsApp in any manner.
Note: The phone number used here keeps on changing, so don’t give up if it doesn’t work. Use Google and look for some other number.

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Facebook-owned WhatsApp instant messaging application is being used by millions of people to stay in touch and use it as multimedia and group messaging platform. Facebook bought this platform and capture a vast userbase that uses WhatsApp daily to communicate with friends and family.

From time-to-time, we come across multiple WhatsApp tricks that promise to bring additional functionalities to this popular app. Today, we are going to tell you about a WhatsApp bot created to bring search engine-like feature to WhatsApp. This WhatsApp search engine bot is created by and it allows you to access some internet features right on your WhatsApp messaging app. This virtual assistant-like feature works by automatically replying to your queries and helps you to get information on the go.

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By using this WhatsApp bot for Wikipedia, you can grab news updates, read quotes, get train information, read jokes, etc.

Note: This Wikipedia WhatsApp bot only works for Indian numbers.

How to activate WhatsApp Search Engine Bot On your phone?

Getting the services of WhatsApp Bot by Duta is very easy. Follow the steps below and enjoy the basic services right now:

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  1. To start the bot, you need to create a contact with any name of your choice (here it’s WhatsApp Bot) and add this number: +91-7397682861
  2. Now launch your WhatsApp mobile app and create a group (here it’s WhatsApp Bot). Add the WhatsApp Bot contact to this group.
  3. You are now ready to you. You can add more friends and family members to the group, or enjoy the WhatsApp search bot on your own.

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Codes to use Wikipedia, Dictionary, News service etc. with WhatsApp Bot:

  1. To get Wikipedia information, type Wiki SEARCHTERM and send to the group.
  2. To join the English news channel, send +NEWS to the group (unsubscribe anytime by sending -NEWS )
  3. Know the meaning of a word by sending +DICT WORD to the group.
  4. Join Football or Cricket channel by sending +CRICKET or +FOOTBALL to the group.
  5. To play a GK quiz, simply send +GK to the group.

Note: This WhatsApp bot is not associated with WhatsApp in any manner. Such types of WhatsApp bots are very common on the internet and many of those are simply made for spamming purposes. However, I found this WhatsApp search bot free from such flaws. Still, I’ll advise you to use this feature with caution and share your experiences in the comments below.

Did you find this WhatsApp Bot helpful? Tell us your views in the comments below and share more tips and tricks in the comments below.

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What Type OF Lawn Mower Should I Buy ? 8 Types

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Baby Trend Expedition LX System Umbrella stroller

There are number of travel systems that are available in the market for the kids includes umbrella stroller, double stroller, travel system stroller ( ) and so many others.. These travel systems are getting popular with every passing day due to portability and comfort level. Some of these baby travel systems are of low quality due to low comfort level and poor quality material of construction. It is the matter of common observation, during travel, kids feel very much uncomfortable. This accessory has been device to fulfill your requirements and demands. There are many companies that are manufacturing these baby travel accessories. looking for best jogging stroller ? ( ) Continue reading

Sleep better with this memory foam pillow

Keeping in mind the end goal to ensure this memory foam pillow reviews  ( )  never smoothes out totally, the packaging is made with a 1.5″ gusset around every one of the four sides. This additionally gives you a chance to move around amid the night unreservedly without waking up and cushion or turn your pillow to make it recapture its shape with this amazing memory foam pillow. The external shell of the Down Alternative pillow is 300-string check cotton for lodging like comfort. It is machine launderable inside and out, and is ensured to keep up its space. Looking for best pregnancy pillow as well ? here it is : Continue reading